Apcsilmic Dot 1

Apcsilmic Dot 1 Mini PC is an ultra-compact, energy-efficient Mini PC that gives you the freedom to perform all the tasks whether it’s your freelance work, watching your favorite movies, streaming, games or you name it. It is powered with an ARM-based Qualcomm SC7180 processor, the first of its kind, designed especially for Windows. Dot 1 Mini PC is a game-changing invention in the world of Windows Mini PCs and a reliable choice for personal and commercial uses.

Snapdragon 7c
8 core 2.4GHz

Pre-installed Windows 11

Available in 3 Variants
(64GB, 128GB, 256GB)

Smallest Windows ARM Mini PC

2 HDMI Ports

2 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0

 5th Gen. (2.4Ghz + 5Ghz)

4G Network Support


This biggest advantage of Dot 1 Mini PC is its ARM-based Qualcomm chip that won’t let the energy drain while keeping performance bar high. Taking your productivity to the next level while saving energy, space and cost.

No WiFi? No Problem! Connect from Anywhere with 4G Network Support

Dot 1 Mini PC offers 4G network support for instant internet access without having to worry about Wi-Fi. Just insert your 4G enabled SIM card in Dot 1 Mini PC and stay connected to the internet from anywhere.

The Most Energy-efficient Windows Mini PC Ever Invented

Yes! You read that right. Dot 1 Mini PC is a great leap forward towards packing high performance computing power in a very small device that uses only a few watts, making it the most efficient Mini PC ever invented. Thanks to its ARM processor.


Dot 1 Mini PC is really mini in size and delivers great performance with its integrated Qualcomm SC7180 chip. It comes with an octa-core processor that lets you perform computer tasks faster.

It’s Quiet and it’s Cool

Dot 1 Mini PC is super quiet as there is no fan cooling system in place and it never loses its cool. ARM processors do not heat up as compared to their X86 counterparts making them stay cool, quiet, and energy-efficient.

More Ports with More Portability

It is loaded with 10+ ports to give users more connectivity freedom. Dot 1 Mini PC is the only ARM Mini PC in the market that offers 4G network support. The size of Dot 1 Mini PC is 111x108x20 mm and can easily fit into the back pocket of your jeans.

Better Display, Better Performance

Enjoy a smooth and clear display of up to 2k resolution with Apcsilmic Dot 1 Mini PC. It simplifies connectivity between devices by offering 2 HDMI ports that support 2 monitors or tv screens simultaneously.

Order Big, Save Big! Limited Offer

Move your business forward by saving big on 8GB+128GB Wi-Fi configuration. Apcsilmic offers bulk purchase discounts and free global shipping with custom duties and taxes paid. Enjoy the limited-time offer and say hello to Windows on ARM.

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ARM processors use less power as compare to X86 processors such as Intel or AMD, but they are equally powerful, think of Apple’s M1 ARM-based chip.

Yes, it comes with a pre-installed and activated Windows 11 Pro.

Yes, the box includes a monitor mount that you can use to mount Dot 1 Mini PC on a wall, TV, and other displays.

The box includes one Dot 1 Mini PC, one power cord, one HDMI cable, one Wi-Fi antenna, one 4G antenna (optional), one user Manual, and one screen mount.

Dot 1 Mini PC is an ARM-based computer designed for lower power consumption. It works on fewer resistors and hence consumes less power and offers better heat dissipation.