Dot 1 Mini PC
Dot 1 Mini PC
Dot 1 Mini PC
Dot 1 Mini PC
Dot 1 Mini PC
Dot 1 Mini PC
Dot 1 Mini PC
Dot 1 Mini PC

Dot 1 Mini PC

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Apcsilmic Dot 1 Mini PC is an ultra-compact, energy-efficient ARM Mini PC that gives you the freedom to perform all the tasks whether it’s your freelance work, watching your favorite movies, streaming, games or you name it. It is powered with an ARM-based Qualcomm SC7180 processor that eliminates the need of using a fan to cool down the system and consumes way less power as compared to X86 based processors.

Now you can enjoy all the Windows applications and softwares with high performance and high energy efficiency on an ARM computer. Whether you want to work from home or office or indulge yourself in entertainment, Dot 1 Mini PC got you covered. 

Product Specifications

Model Dot 1 Mini PC
Processor Qualcomm SC7180
4G 4G Network (SIM Card Support)
Storage Expansion microSD and USB

HDMI 1 Supports 1080p Resolution (Video only)

HDMI 2 Supports 2k Resolution (Audio and video)

Dual-channel display

USB 2 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0
Audio Input 3.5mm MIC input
Audio Output 3.5mm audio jack supports left and right stereo channels
LAN Supports 100MB LAN input
Memory 4GB + 64GB, 8GB + 128GB, 8GB + 256GB
Wi-Fi 5th Gen. Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz + 5Ghz)
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.1

Product Service and Support

Apcsilmic values all its customers and strives to offer an exemplary service.
If the product runs into a problem and needs a repair, please contact our distributor from whom you originally purchased the product, or click the 'Technical Support' button in the footer menu on our website, and fill out the form. 

If the product is found to be defective, please reach out to us using the 'Technical Support' button in the footer menu on our website, and fill out the form. We will guide you on how to return or exchange the product by issuing a number. Unauthorized returns (that is, returns without an issued number for your Dot 1 Mini PC) will be returned to you at your expense.

Authorized returns must be paid in advance, insured, and must be shipped in the original shipping box to the address provided on the return form. The original box and packaging materials must be properly stored for the safe return of Apcsilmic products.

Warranty Instructions

Apcsilmic guarantees that this product will not have any product material or quality defects while normal use of the product. Dot 1 Mini PC comes with a one-year limited warranty starting from the date of purchase shown on the purchase receipt.
Standard service/repair will not be performed in case of:

a. Any hardware is missing from the Apcsilmic product
b. The stated issue is not found
c. The damage occurred prior to Apcsilmic's receipt of the product
d. The damage occurred due to product misuse, improper installation/modification (including opening or removing the casing, unless it is listed as a limited user-serviceable product, and the specific modification is within the scope of the relevant instructions.)

In case of accident or misoperation, Apcsilmic will not be responsible to repair/returning/servicing the returned products. The warranty does not cover postage, delivery charges, or other unrelated costs.

What’s in the Box?

Dot 1 Mini PC x 1
Power cord x 1
HDMI cable x 1
WIFI antenna x 1
4G antenna (only with 4G supported models) x 1 
User Manual x 1
Monitor Mount x 1