5 Reasons Why Mini PCs Are Better for Your Business Than Laptops

There was a time when desktop computers were the only devices to power businesses. However, gone are the days when desktop PCs enjoyed their distinct status and crammed the offices. With the variety of computing devices available on the market, there are various determining factors now for the selection of ideal computers for your business.

 If you have decided to move away from tower PCs and are looking for compact computers, then laptops and mini desktop PCs are two options you can consider to power your business. Both the devices are compact, portable, and lightweight compared to their desktop counterparts. However, among the two portable devices, mini PCs offer many exclusive perks that make them an ideal solution for commercial use. Let us dig deeper and find out why mini desktop PCs are the best devices for powering businesses.

Why Choose Mini PCs Over Laptops?

Mini Desktop PCs Are Smaller in Size

Mini desktop PCs pack the performance of desktop PCs in a small footprint. They are ultra-compact and some are even palm-sized like Dot 1 Mini PC. Because of their small size, these tiny PCs can fit in small spaces. Most mini PCs feature a flexible mounting design and are invisible if mounted to the back of the monitor.

While laptops are not huge in size either, most of them are bigger in comparison to mini PCs. Many employees wish to use large screen monitors for work efficiency, which are lacking in laptops. Here, mini PCs are the ideal solution as they save space without compromising the quality and efficiency of work. Moreover, this works best in the case of fixed desk spaces where portability is not a top priority.

Mini PCs Are Upgradable

Upgradability is an important factor to consider while choosing computers for businesses as replacing old devices with new ones can be really expensive, particularly for small businesses. Therefore, an upgradable computer is the best fit for offices.

Laptops are not upgradable and have a limited lifespan which means that you have to buy a new one as soon as it turns obsolete. On the other hand, most mini PCs are future-proof since they are upgradeable and expandable. Mini PCs can be customized and upgraded over time as well. You can replace a few faulty components or upgrade the system with time.

Mini PCs Are More Energy-Efficient than Laptops

All businesses should strive to be as eco-friendly as possible to reduce the environmental impact and promote sustainability. Green computing plays a significant role in limiting carbon footprint and hence should not be overlooked by businesses. You should consider power-efficient devices to power your business.

Despite the fact that laptops can run off battery power which is not the case with mini PCsmini desktop PCs are the more energy efficient mini computers. The average battery run time of laptops is 4 hours and quite often, people leave the laptops plugged in all the time. Mini PCs like Dot 1 are highly energy-efficient. Dot 1 Mini PC just consumes 5.2 Watts of power. Choosing an energy-efficient device like Dot 1 will significantly reduce the power draw and help you save money on your electricity bills.  

Mini Desktop PCs Are Cheaper than Laptops

Mini desktop PCs are cheaper than laptops because you have to purchase the peripherals separately. As all-in-one devices, laptops save cost since you don’t have to invest extra money and they can be used right out of the box. However, when you factor in the low cost, energy-efficiency, and upgradability of mini PCs, they offer more value for money, especially for bulk purchasing.

Another advantage of 
mini PCs is that you can replace the peripherals or use the old ones, while in laptops if one component is faulty, the whole device turns obsolete.

Mini PCs Are Better for Ergonomically Correct Workstations

An ergonomic workspace is key to enhanced comfort, productivity, and efficiency. It is important to ensure that your employees have a comfortable physical workspace so they are healthy and have an improved work-life experience.

Laptops are not ergonomically designed. They have fixed, small screens with attached keyboards which can cause neck pains or wrist pains in the long run. On the other hand, mini PCs are flexible and can be adjusted to create an ideal ergonomic workstation. Since computers are used heavily in offices, mini PCs are the best devices to ensure healthier and more productive workspaces.

Mini PC or Laptop: An Overview

In conclusion, mini PCs are ultra-compact, portable, and energy-efficient solutions to power businesses. These tiny PCs save cost, space, and power, proving to be the most cost-effective solution for energizing businesses. Get in touch with us to power your businesses with the most energy-efficient mini PC or get customized mini PC solutions for your specific business needs in no time.