Apcsilmic Launches Dot 1: Smallest ARM-based Windows Mini PC

Apcsilmic has launched the first of its kind ARM-based mini PC that delivers performance and connectivity at an affordable price. For too long, the mini PC market has been flooded with either less powerful mini PCs or overpriced ones. While there has been a lack of innovation in the market, the price has only gone up. Apcsilmic was founded to fill this gap; to manufacture compact, powerful, and cost-effective mini PCs for all your computer needs.

Dot 1 is a trailblazing mini PC that delivers more in less. Its Qualcomm SC7180 chip makes it the most energy-efficient Windows mini PC that consumes less power while delivering great performance.

Here’s what Dot 1 has to offer:

Energy-Efficiency Like Never Before

Are you tired of over-heating, power-hungry PCs that run hot as soon as you turn them on? Dot 1 offers the best solution for both of these problems.

Power-efficient Mini PC

Dot 1 is one of the most power-efficient mini PCs in the market. It has an integrated ARM-based Qualcomm chip that drastically reduces power consumption. ARM processors are designed to consume less power while performing operations efficiently.

Quiet and Cool System

Since ARM processors consume less power, they do not overheat and require no additional cooling system. Hence you can enjoy a smooth and seamless experience with a fanless, quiet mini PC. 

Small, Minimal, and Portable 

The size and design of a mini PC can really make or break the user experience. After all, what is the point of having a mini PC if it isn’t “mini” to begin with?

Ultra-compact mini PC

Dot 1 is ultra-compact at 111mm length, 108mm width, and 20mm height. Because of its small size and little weight, Dot 1 takes very little space and is ultra-portable. You can easily carry your office or home theatre in the back pocket of your jeans. 

Minimal Design

Dot 1 has an impressive, minimal design with a carbon black, metal chassis. It features multiple USB and HDMI ports along with a 4G sim slot. Moreover, Dot 1 can be mounted behind a monitor or under a desk.

Taking Connectivity to the Next Level

Internet has become a basic necessity especially now in the post-pandemic world. We need web access at all times to perform the most basic tasks in day-to-day life.

Dual Wifi and 4G Coverage 

Dot 1 offers robust connectivity so you can remain connected at all times. It supports 2.4G and 5G Wifi, 5.1 Bluetooth, and offers 4G Network coverage. Dot 1 is the only mini PC that supports Sim card for 4G coverage. You do not have to worry if you do not have access to wifi at any time as you can instantly connect to the internet with cellular data. 

Smooth Display, High Performance 

Whether you want to stream movies, play games, or work on your mini PC, the display and performance define the user experience. 

Clear Display

Enjoy your daily tasks with a clear and smooth display with Dot 1. It features 2 HDMI ports which allow the users to connect two monitors simultaneously. This multi-display feature is further facilitated by Apcsilmic as one HDMI cable and a monitor mount come with Dot 1. 

Peak Performance

Dot 1 punches above its weight as it packs a lot of power in its tiny chassis. This Qualcomm-powered mini PC can perform complex operations at high speed. 

Pre-installed Windows 11:

Users have an additional benefit that Dot 1 is a Windows mini PC. Windows 11 is pre-installed on Dot 1 mini PC. All users have to do is purchase a license from Microsoft or Apcsilmic.

Contents Inside the Box

Moreover, the mini PC box has much more to offer than just a mini PC. It includes one power cord, one HDMI cable, one power antenna, one user manual, and one screen mount.

Value for Money

In conclusion, Dot 1 offers value for money. It is one of the most cost-effective options in the mini PC market. It packs power efficiency and high performance in a small frame. All of its features make it an ideal mini PC as it saves cost and space while delivering peak performance.