Dot 1 Mini PC- An Ideal Windows Mini PC for Daily Use

Mini desktop PCs are gaining more traction now than ever for obvious reasons. Compact, lightweight, and hassle-free, isn’t that why we choose portable computers over tower PCs? Mini PCs offer performance, power, and efficiency in a small form. In addition, they are highly cost-effective compared to laptops and desktop PCs. 


Because of the increasing demand for mini PCs, the market has a dizzying array of powerful mini PCs, fanless mini PCs, Windows mini PCs, and mini PCs for gaming. Depending on your usage requirements, the best mini PC for you in 2022 can vary but in this guide, we present to you Dot 1 Mini PC, the best overall mini PC for daily use. You can further read our mini PC buying guide to get to know more about the device and its pros and cons. 

Why Should You Buy Dot 1 Mini PC?

If you want a mini desktop for personal use, Dot 1 Mini PC is perfect for daily usage and performing tasks such as web browsing, emailing, streaming media, etc. You can even enjoy light gaming on Dot 1Additionally, the ultra-portability of Dot 1 on the virtue of its small size makes it ideal for working on the go. If you are a student, an affordable, all-in-one mini desktop PC is highly convenient for remote learning. You can use it to browse the internet, do your homework, compile docs, or watch videos. A mini computer can also be used as a workstation. Dot 1 is a quiet mini PC and it packs plenty of power and performance for basic office tasks and applications. 

A mini PC makes a great media center. You can mount it to the back of your display and watch videos or stream Netflix with your mini PC out of sight. Most mini desktop PCs come with a screen mount in the mini PC box.

A Tiny, Affordable Mini PC

The compact form factor and price advantage make mini PCs a popular choice. You don’t want to purchase a device that is huge in size, not at all portable, and costs a fortune. That is what makes these mini desktops a good investment. 

Mini desktop computers save space as well as cost. At 111 x 108 x 20 mm, Dot 1 is the smallest ARM based Windows mini PC. Carry the lightweight mini computer with ease or make it invisible by mounting it to the back of the monitor, the choice is yours. Moreover, Dot 1 Mini PC is one of the best mini PCs on the market as its basic variant is very reasonably priced at $220.  

Extra Connectivity, Ports, and Performance

Enhanced connectivity leads to increased productivity. Dot 1 provides multiple connectivity options such as dual Wi-Fi and 4G LTE support. A stable internet connection ensures that you stay connected round the clock and it is one of the best features of this mini computer.

In addition, Dot 1 has a rich interface as it is loaded with 10+ ports. It features dual HDMI ports which means that you can connect two monitors at the same time. Dual display makes it easier to run multiple programs simultaneously and work efficiently. It also features USB and micro SD card for storage expansion.   

Windows 11 on an ARM Processor

Windows on ARM is gaining momentum and is the future of PCs. One of the major obstacles in the progress of ARM was that ARM64 processors could not run x86 programs such as Windows OS. However, that has changed now. For instance, Dot 1 Mini PC is an ARM-powered Windows mini PC. The mini computer is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 7C and features an activated Windows 11 Pro. It provides a seamless experience of running Windows on ARM and the compatibility is not an issue anymore.  

A Fanless, Energy-efficient Mini PC

Because of its ARM chip, the power consumption of Dot 1 is extremely low and it does not overheat as well. This low wattage PC consumes just around 5.2 Watts of power under load making it one of the most energy-efficient mini PCFor the same reason, Dot 1 Mini PC is not equipped with a cooling system. Fans can be very loud and gather dust and dirt over time. A fanless mini PC is not only durable but also the best mini PC if you like to work in a calm and quiet environment.


To sum it up, Dot 1 Mini PC is the best mini PC for personal or family use. Whether it’s incredible performance or energy-efficiency, this economical mini computer has you covered. Make it a home office, use it for home theater and entertainment, or use it for remote learning, there is no end to use cases of Dot 1. For more information, check out the Dot 1 specifications and decide if it is the best mini PC for you.