Dot 1 Mini PC- First PC for Your Kids?

Many parents choose laptops or all-in-one PCs for their children when they want an alternative to a large PC case. In the long run, they may be disappointed by the machine's screen because it limits their options. 

You want to avoid a full-sized PC but don't want a laptop or all-in-one to limit your monitor choices, so what can you do? That's where mini PCs shine.

Mini desktop computers are the best devices for your kid’s first foray into the world of technology. Compared to tower PCs and laptops, these budget-friendly devices are perfect to introduce children to computers. Whether you want to teach them basic computer skills or help them out with their homework, these diminutive PCs are well suited for the job. 

Below, we have curated a short yet quick guide that covers all the aspects of Dot 1 Mini PC so you can see if it is worth buying or not as the first PC for your kids. 

Dot 1 Mini PC: A Quick Overview

The Dot 1 is a small, energy efficient mini PC that allows you to perform all the basic tasks efficiently like surfing the web, emailing, streaming media, etc.

It uses ARM-based Qualcomm SC7180 processor that eliminates the need for a fan to cool down the system and consumes significantly less power.

Dot 1 Mini PC features activated Windows 11 Pro and lets you run all Windows applications and software efficiently. Kids can use Dot 1 Mini PC for work or entertainment at home or school. 

Dot 1 Mini PC: Why It Is the Best Choice for Your Kids?

Gifting your kids their first computer is an important decision and you need to make sure that you choose the perfect device for them. 

Not only will their first PC hold a lot of sentimental value for them in the future but it can also help them out in studying, doing their homework, or even relaxing and playing games at home. While there are many good PCs for kids, Dot 1 Mini PC is one of the best options on the market.

In addition to being small and compact, mini computers are also very lightweight and often feature multi-monitor support. Kids can multitask and quickly check documents, e-mail, browse the web, and play games while doing other tasks.

Different Features of Dot 1 Mini PC

Wondering what features you can find in Dot 1 Mini PC? Below, we have listed some prominent features: 


    One of the most significant advantages of the Dot 1 Mini PC is its ARM-based Qualcomm chip, which makes it highly energy-efficient. Dot 1 Mini PC saves energy, space, and money while increasing productivity.

    4G LTE Connectivity

      Dot 1 Mini PC features 4G LTE for instant internet access without the hassle of waiting around for Wi-Fi. With Dot 1 Mini PC, you can connect to the internet anywhere with a 4G enabled SIM card.

      Compact and Clean Design

        Dot 1 Mini PC comes in a very compact and clean design with a mounting bracket. Its small footprint takes very little space and if you mount it to the back of the display, it would be completely out of sight.

        Super Quiet

          The Dot 1 Mini PC has no fan cooling system, so it is silent at all times. A quiet workspace is necessary to promote productivity and help children concentrate. Dot 1 Mini PC is quiet as it boasts an ARM processor; ARM processors are quieter and more energy-efficient than their X86 counterparts.

          Here’s How Dot 1 Mini PC Brings Value to Your Kids' Life!

          Following are some benefits that you will get when you get this device:

          A Budget-Friendly Mini PC

            Whereas mini PCs are generally inexpensive in comparison to traditional PCs, Dot 1 is cheaper even when compared to other mini computers. A cheap mini PC is best for kids to tinker with and learn the basics.

            Dot 1 Mini PC is available in three configurations. The basic variant of Dot 1 features 4GB RAM and 64GB storage for just $220. The top-end configuration costs $309 with 8GB RAM, 256GB storage, as well as 4G LTE support. 


              Dot 1 Mini PC is highly portable due to its small size. You can easily move it to different rooms or places. Connect it to a power outlet and a display anywhere and you have a setup ready for your kid to start working on it.

              Silent Operation

                Unlike regular PCs, Dot 1 Mini PC does not use a cooling system. Therefore, they do not produce any noise during operation. This type of quiet operation is beneficial for children as it is crucial to their work. 

                Low Energy Consumption

                  Dot 1 Mini PC consumes a lot less power than traditional desktop computers. Mini desktop computers use almost ten times less energy than desktop PCs. Dot 1 Mini PC is the most energy-efficient Windows mini PC with a power consumption of only 5.2 Watts. 


                  With the Dot 1 Mini PC, kids can access all the features they need for studying, entertainment, and entry-level gaming. This cost-effective mini PC is an all-rounder PC, perfect for your child to stream media or learn computer programming. If you’re looking for the first PC for your kids, check out Dot 1 Mini PC now!