Mini PC Vs. Laptop: Which One Should You Use?

Gone are the days when people preferred tower PCs. Portable computers have replaced desktop systems to the most extent as they fittingly meet the needs of a modern man. They are compact and lightweight, making them suitable for use on the go.

Laptops and mini desktop PCs are the most sought-after devices when it comes to portable computing devices. Both are small in size compared to a desktop PC and offer ease of convenience as they are easy to carry around.

However, both the devices are not all the same. If you have to choose between a laptop and a mini computer, you should consider all the differences before making a decision. To help you make a better decision, we have outlined the pros and cons of both the devices, so that you can find the device most suited for you. 

Which Device Offers Greater Portability? 

While both laptops and mini computers offer great ease of portability compared to desktop PCs, the two portable computers offer varying degrees of portability between themselves. You can easily carry laptops and mini PCs anywhere you want. Nonetheless, laptops offer ample portability as ready-to-use devices. With an inbuilt battery and no need for peripherals, you can take out your laptop even whilst traveling and use it comfortably. 

Portable Mini Pc

That is not the case with mini desktop computers. These diminutive computers need peripherals e.g. a display, a keyboard, etc, as well as a power outlet. With laptops, you do not have to worry about finding a power source. A fully charged laptop has a run time of 3-4 hours on average. 

Which Portable Computer Offers Better Performance?

With the exception of a few models, the performance offered by laptops and mini PCs is mostly not at par with desktop computers. While you can find a few devices in both sets of computers that offer remarkable performance but such devices are rare.

In terms of performance, laptops and mini PCs are on the same level. Both the devices compromise power and performance to a considerable degree in favor of their compact bodies. While there are powerful laptops and mini PCs available for gaming or graphics-intensive tasks, the devices are better suited for daily use. 

It should be noted, however, that many mini computers are upgradable and can improve performance by upgrading various parts in the future. On the other hand, laptops offer little to no upgradability.

Which Portable Computer is Cheaper?

Mini desktop computers have a cost advantage over laptops. Laptops tend to cost more than mini PCs for one simple reason: they are all-in-one devices. When you pay for a laptop, you get a device with full functionality and ultra-portability in the package with no need for any additional components.

With a mini computer, you pay just for the device and have to invest more to get the peripherals and then some more if you wish to upgrade its parts in the future. Even so, you can still save money with a mini PC by simply connecting it with old or spare peripherals that you might have at home. Buying a mini PC is a better deal considering the fact that you can purchase a much better mini desktop PC than a laptop for the same price. 

Which Computer is More Comfortable to Use?

Due to our heavy reliance on technology in modern times, it has become a norm to spend hours a day using a computer. Computer ergonomics is then very important to ensure that you avoid health risks such as tech neck and carpal tunnel syndrome etc. 

Because of their design, the laptops do not make for an ergonomic workstation. No matter how you position your laptop, either your neck suffers or your wrist, or both. On the contrary, you can arrange the peripherals of mini PCs ergonomically. An ergonomic workstation reduces discomfort and fatigue and overall improves the health of users and increases productivity.

Which One Should You Buy?

It all comes down to this simple question, “which portable computer is best for you”. You should purchase the device based on your needs. If you’re looking for an ultra-portable device, then you should choose a laptop. However, if you want a more comfortable, powerful, and cost-effective device, then a mini PC is the right device for you. 

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